WEMO 2015 Route Designation Maps

We are providing a full set of 2015 WEMO DEIS route alternative maps to help ease the difficulty in accessing them via the BLM’s website.

(Please note that a DVD obtained from the BLM is the source of the maps that are posted here. You may order the DVD from the BLM website noted above.)

The maps are in the PDF file format. In order for you to properly use the maps you need to have a copy Adobe Reader (free from Adobe) or Adobe Acrobat Pro (usually included in Adobe Creative Suites). You can download a copy Adobe Reader here. (Note for Mac users, while the pdf files will open in the Preview program included with the Mac operating system, Preview will not allow you view the various layers that show the various route alternatives in the PDFs.

Instructions for finding a map:
To help you locate a specific route designation map, first use the Map Index to focus in on the area you are interested in.

WEMO (West Mojave) is divided into eight “Travel Management Areas” (TMA). Each of these TMAs is divided into a number of route designation area Map Index List, which you find on this page.

To find a specific map that you are interested in:

  1. Refer to the Map Index from above to get an orientation as to where the map you are interested in is located and note a TMA and sub-area.
  2. Open the Map Index List below and click on the TMA #/sub-item that you are interested in. (Note that the maps are very large and may take sometime to open.) Alternatively you can “right-click” on the map link so that the map will be downloaded to your computer.
  3. Downloading the map to your PC and opening it up with Adobe Reader (or Adobe Acrobat Pro if you have that program) should be your preferred alternative as it will allow you to use all of the features of each map. (Note that for Mac users the Preview program will display the map but will not let you view all of the map layers.)

Instructions for using the maps:
This document from the BLM provides you with information on how to access information contained in the maps including viewing the various layers, specifically the route alternatives.

In order to provide comments to the BLM about specific routes you should enable only the map’s route alternative layer you are commenting on, e.g., Alternative 3, zoom into the area you are commenting on and note the relevant route numbers. In some cases a route will not have a designated route number. In such cases you should note the nearest route number and then specify that route as, for example route northwest of route number 71234.

Map Index List

1. Soda Lake North, West of Soda Lake
2. Dunn, Alvord Mountain East
3. Crucero Hill, Cave Mountain
4. Hinkley, Barstow
5. Yermo, Nebo
6. Manix, Harvard Hill
7. Hidden Valley East, Hidden Valley West
8. West of Broadwell Mesa
9. Hodge, Barstow South East
10. Minneola, Daggett
11. Troy Lake, Newberry Springs
12. Sleeping Beauty, Hector
13. Broadwell Lake
14. Lavic Lake, Sunshine Peak
15. Ash Hill, Ludlow
1. Owens Lake, Keeler
2. Vermillion Canyon
3. Centennial Canyon, Talc City Hills
4. Darwin, Panamint Springs
5. Haiwee Pass, Haiwee Reservoirs
6. Upper Centennial Flat, Coso Peak
7. China Gardens, Revenue Canyon
8. Long Canyon, Coso Junction
9. Cactus Peak, Petroglyph Canyon
10. Sacatar Canyon, Little Lake
11. Homewood Canyon, Slate Range Crossing
12. Lamont Peak, Ninemile Canyon
13. Pearsonville, White Hills
14. Trona West, Trona East
15. Copper Queen Canyon, Sourdough Spring
16. Walker Pass, Owens Peak
17. Inyokern, Ridgecrest North
18. Lone Butte, Westend
19. Searles Lake, Layton Spring
20. Horse Canyon, Freeman Junction
21. Spangler Hills West, Spangler Hills East
22. Christmas Canyon, Pilot Knob Valley West
1. Ash Hill, Ludlow
2. Victorville, Apple Valley north
3. Ludlow South East, Morgans Well
4. Amboy Crater, Bagdad South West
5. Apple Valley South, Fifteenmile Valley
6. Cougar Buttes, Lucerne Valley
7. Melville Lake, Old Woman Springs
8. Bristol Lake North West, Lead Mtn East
9. Lake Arrowhead, Butler Peak
10. Big Bear City, Fawnskin
11. Bighorn Canyon, Rattlesnake Canyon
12. Goat Mountain, Landers
13. Lead mountain South West, Deadman Lake South East
14. Bristol Lake South West, Cleghorn Lakes
15. Rimrock, Onyx Peak
16. Joshua Tree North, Yucca Valley North
17. Twentynine Palms, Sunfair
18. East of Valley Mountain, Valley Mountain
19. East of Dale Lake, Dale Lake
20. Morongo Valley, Catclaw Flat
21. Joshua Tree South, Yucca Valley South
22. Queen Mountain, Indian Cove
23. Humbug Mountain, Twentynine Palms Mountain
24. Clarks Pass, New Dale
25. Pinto Mountain, Fried Liver Wash
26. San Bernardino Wash
1. Walker Pass, Owens Peak
2. Woolstalf Creek, Cane Canyon
3. Horse Canyon, Freeman Junction
4. Claraville, Pinyon Mountain
5. Dove Spring, Saltdale North West
6. Emerald Mountain, Cross Mountain
7. Cinco, Cantil
8. Tehachapi North East, Cache Peak
9. Mojave North East, California City North
10. Cummings Mountain, Tehachapi South
11. Monolith, Mojave
12. Sanborn, California City South
13. Liebre Twins, Tylerhorse Canyon
14. Willow Springs, Soledad Mountain
15. Bissell, Edwards
16. La Liebre Ranch, Neenach School
17. Fairmont Butte, Little Buttes
18. Rosamond, Rosamond Lake
19. Redman, Rogers Lake South
20. Jackrabbit Hill, Red Buttes
21. Liebre Mountain, Burnt Peak
22. Lake Hughes, Del Sur
23. Lancaster West, Lancaster East
24. Alpine Butte, Hi Vista
25. Adobe Mountain, Shadow Mountains
26. Sleepy Valley, Ritter Ridge
27. Palmdale, Littlerock
28. Lovejoy Buttes, El Mirage
29. Acton, Pacifico Mountain
30. Juniper Hills, Valyermo
31. Mescal Creek, Phelan
1. Blackwater Well, Slocum Mountain
2. Superior Valley, Goldstone
3. West of Baker, Red Pass Lake
4. Boron North East, Fremont Peak
5. Bird Spring, Opal Mountain
6. Williams Well, Superior Lake
7. Langford Well, Paradise Range
8. Cronese Lakes, Bitter Spring
9. Soda Lake North, West of Soda Lake.pdf
10. Saddleback Mountain, The Buttes
11. Lockhart, Water Valley.pdf
12. Lane Mountain, Mud Hills
13. Alvord Mountain West, Coyote Lake
14. Dunn, Alvord Mountain East
15. Crucero Hill, Cave Mountain
16. Leuhman Ridge, Kramer Junction
17. Kramer Hills, Twelve Gauge Lake
18. Hinkley, Barstow
19. Yermo, Nebo
20. Manix, Harvard Hill
1. Leuhman Ridge, Kramer Junction
2. Kramer Hills, Twelve Gauge Lake
3. Hinkley, Barstow
4. Jackrabbit Hill, Red Buttes
5. Asley Rancho, Wild Crossing
6. Hodge, Barstow South East
7. Adobe Mountain, Shadow Mountains
8. Victorville North West, Helendale
9. Lovejoy Buttes, El Mirage
10. Shadow Mountains South East, Adelanto
11. Victorville, Apple Valley North
12. Mescal Creek, Phelan
13. Baldy Mesa, Hesperia
14. Apple Valley South, Fifteenmile Valley
15. Cajon, Silverwood Lake
16. Lake Arrowhead, Butler Peak
1. Walker Pass, Owens Peak
2. Inyokern, Ridgecrest North
3. Lone Butte, Westend
4. Horse Canyon, Freeman Junction
5. Inyokern South East, Ridgecrest South
6. Spangler Hills West, Spangler Hills East
7. Dove Spring, Saltdale North West
8. Garlock, El Paso Peaks
9. Klinker Mountain, West of Black Hills
10. Black Hills, Pilot Knob
11. Cinco, Cantil
12. Satdale South East, Johannesburg
13. Red Mountain, Cuddeback Lake
14. Blackwater Well, Slocum Mountain
15. Mojave North East, California City North
16. Galileo Hill, Boron North West
17. Boron North East, Fremont Peak
18. Bird Spring, Opal Mountain
19. Monolith, Mojave
20. Sanborn, California City South
21. North Edwards, Boron
22. Saddleback Mountain, The Buttes
23. Leuhman Ridge, Kramer Junction