New Digital Cameras and Decibel Meter Available to Document ORV Abuse

Message to COW members:

COW has two digital cameras and a decibel meter available to members for the purpose of documentation of ORV abuses for law enforcement and code enforcement. Since San Bernardino County passed an ORV ordinance effective July 1, 2006, residents can seek relief from nuisance (noise, dust, harassment, trespass, etc.) by documenting abuses and making this documentation available to San Bernardino County Code Enforcement. Members can take digital still pictures and short videos with the cameras and use the decibel meters to estimate noise violations.

Documentation can also be used for civil lawsuits, to gain law enforcement and for evidence in court. The decibel meter is certified as properly calibrated. Gather your evidence and then call Code Enforcement (760) 228-5426 and ask to speak to Mike Romage.

To borrow this equipment in the WEST END of the Morongo Basin contact:

Jack or Victoria Fuller at (760) 366-7912.

Members will be expected to treat the equipment with care, check it out for a specific period of time and return on time or contact the COW representatives to ask for an extension.

This fall COW will be holding a workshop on how to operate the equipment and how to document ORV abuse for legal and law enforcement purposes.