Wanted Posters — Another Strategy to Stop the Outlaws

When you encounter and can photograph offenders, you can create a "wanted" poster and distribute it throughout town — auto mechanics, bars, gas stations, hardware stores, taxi services, ORV venders and repair shops.

In this case, this individual drove past three "No Trespassing" signs and when Phil Klasky tried to engage in conversation with him, he responded with epithets and threats. As Phil took the his photo, the rider jumped onto his $10,000 quad and tried to run Phil over and slugged him in the process. The rider needs to understand that there are consequences for his actions and that we will not stand by and allow these outlaws to destroy our lands and assault us. We are also working with the Sheriff’s Department to identify the criminal through sales records to make an arrest.

If you have any information regarding this incident contact the Sheriff: (760) 366-4175 and refer to Case# 090060016

You may download a copy of this wanted poster by clicking here so you can print and distribute as many copies as you wish. (Adobe Reader required.)