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September 2009 UPDATE

BLM’s WEMO Routes Overturned by the Federal Court



Over a decade in the making, the long-awaited and much-delayed Bureau of Land Management’s West Mojave Management Plan (WEMO) final draft was just released. The Morongo Basin is part of the 9.3 million acres covered by the plan.  The WEMO was supposed to balance development and recreation with the conservation of natural resources.  But unfortunately the plan encourages uncontrolled off-road-vehicle abuse of our private and public lands property.

COW has participated with the Alliance for Responsible Recreation to submit the protest.

The response can be reviewed here. This is a PDF file and requires Adobe Reader to view it.

Obtain WEMO plans by calling (951) 697-5200 and request that they mail you the three volumes and maps on compact disk, or go to the BLM office at 22835 Calle San Juan De Los Lagos, Moreno Valley, California 92553. Copies are also to be placed in local libraries. (The BLM’s WEMO site (www.ca.blm.gov) has been unavailable for over a month so we have reproduced selected maps below.)

Take a look at the OFFICIAL ORV ROUTE DESIGNATION MAPS and you will see that they that allow ORV routes through our neighborhoods and public lands inviting trespass on private property, cultural and historic sites, designated wilderness areas and other protected public lands including biologically sensitive areas.

We have protested the plan’s invitation to trespass with ground-truthing evidence to show exactly where the routes will impact our communities and encourage trespass on private and public lands.  We have been collecting specific evidence/locations of trespass for an official protest.  SEE BELOW for how to conduct a ground-truthing exercise. Even though the protest has been filed we will continue to use all evidence that you can gather.

We anticipate that the BLM will ignore our protest and therefore we will have to seek relief from the courts.

Official ORV Route Designation WEMO Maps

The maps are in PDF format and require Adobe Reader Software to view them

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