Support COW With A Donation

Please help Community ORV Watch with its fight against illegal ORV abuse by making a donation to our organization. Any amount will help and is truly appreciated.

COW needs your financial support and any amount will help. We are fighting against big business interests and their paid lobbyists.

COW is an all-volunteer, grass-roots organization and we depend on Morongo Basin residents to give donations of $20, $30, $50, $100 or more to keep us active.

We ask that every visitor to our site give something to keep us alive and working for you. If you appreciate our work, we need your support.

Your donations will help pay for the upkeep of our web site, public education, printing and copying, meetings and conferences, transportation, telephone, equipment and citizen patrols to protect our private and public lands from ORV abuse.

All donations to Community ORV Watch are tax-deductible. Although we do not have our own tax-exempt status, the Internal Revenue Service allows our donors to make charitable contributions through our Fiscal Sponsor. Through that sponsor, Peace Development Fund, we are able to accept PayPal donations. A PayPal account is not required. As such, their name, not ours, will appear on your bank or credit card statement.

You may also send a check to Make the check out to the “Peace Development Fund/COW” our fiscal sponsor and mail to PO Box 3237, Landers, 92285.