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San Bernardino County OHV Ordinance

Current ordinance – Source Link from SB County Website: type “3973” in the Quick Search box at the top of the page.

OHV Ordinance with changes passed in 2006

Approved changes to San Bernardino OHV Ordinance passed in 2006

Title 8 Development Code

Windbourne Soil Erosion PDF

Dust Control – Desert Area PDF

Erosion and Sediment Control PDF

Title 43 Federal Regulations

Title 43 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR): (plus) 8341.1(C) OHV operations in Closed Area, which carries a fine of $150 in most areas. 8341.1(b)  OHV operations off designated routes (limited use areas) usually $100 fine. 8341.1(d), CVC (California Vehicle Code) 38020 OHV on public land w/o green sticker $50 – 38505 OHV on public land w/o helmet $35 – 38506 OHV on public land w passenger $35. There are others regarding spark arresters, etc that I don’t remember the section.
Each Magistrate sets his own bail schedule (fines).  I believe the 29
Palms Magistrate is Stephen Miller, who operates court out of the Park
HQ once a month.  Miller’s address is PO Box 6425, San Bernardino, Ca
92412, and ask for the Title 43 (BLM) bond schedule.