Act Now to Protect California’s Wild Places from Off Road Vehicle Abuse!

The California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission provides crucial policy guidance for the management of off-road vehicles (ORVs) on public lands in California. It also provides an important forum for public input on the state’s ORV Program. As ORV abuse has exploded in recent years, the Commission has worked tirelessly to provide essential funds for law enforcement and restoration grants. These grants have helped to restore damaged areas, to protect pristine places from being harmed and to confine ORV use to the most appropriate locations.

Unfortunately, our public lands are threatened by ill-conceived proposals from off-roaders and the Schwarzenegger Administration to eliminate this important commission. Dismantling the commission would leave California’s streams, deserts, forests and other valuable public and private lands at risk from increased ORV abuse.

We need you to stand up for California’s wild places!

Let your Assembly member know that you support the renewal of the California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission.

Call, write, email or fax your state legislator today!

To identify and get contact information for your Assembly member, find your district.

Here is a sample letter you can send:

Dear Assembly Member [Last name of your state legislator],

As a California voter and a constituent I urge you to support the renewal of the California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission.

The Commission helps promote responsible off-road vehicle recreation while preserving our public lands and waterways. I support the Commission for the following reasons:

– The Commission provides transparency, public input and legislative oversight for California’s off-road vehicle recreation program.

– The Commission has successfully protected and restored many of California’s sensitive forests, deserts and streams from off-road vehicle abuse.

– The Commission oversees important law enforcement programs that protect local communities from ORV noise, air pollution, property damage and trespassing.

Please help protect our local communities, water quality and public lands by supporting the renewal of the California Off-Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation Commission.



Your Name and Full Address

Clean-up and Reclamation of the Post Homestead Historical and Natural Site

On Saturday, June 3, over 40 volunteers gathered to clean-up and protect a historic stage stop and homestead site in Wonder Valley. The area is also home to rare species and magnificent displays of spring wildflowers.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) assisted with the clean-up with a dump truck and hand tools and Community ORV Watch provided delicious food, cool drinks, T-shirts and work gloves. BLM Archeologist Jim Shearer gave a presentation about his discoveries along with a history lesson from the Wonder Valley Historical Society by Pat Rimmington, information about Native American history of the area by Bob Harris and a talk about the flora and fauna by naturalist Pat Flanagan.

The successful clean-up effort was sponsored by Community ORV Watch of the Morongo Basin, the Alliance for Responsible Recreation, the Morongo Basin Conservation Association and the Twentynine Palms Historical Society in collaboration with the Barstow field office of the BLM.

The site contains adobe ruins and evidence of historic habitation. Research suggests that the site served as a freighting and stage stop en route to both the Dale Mining District and Amboy as early as 1899. The site was once homesteaded by Dave and Anna Post. Dave was known as Judge Post, since he served as the Justice of the Peace for Twentynine Palms and as such played a role in the history of the 1943 shooting of Worth Bagley by Bill Keys, an important piece of local history. The BLM has conducted an investigation of the site including an archeological dig revealing clues to the area’s history. The agency is also conducting a biological survey of the area located on public lands.

The ruins, historic site and natural area have suffered from vandalism, illegal dumping and off-road vehicle destruction. In fact, ORVs had used the historic 100 year old adobe structure as a jump!

The site is located on Chadwick Road south of Amboy Road. Local volunteers will be monitoring the site for illegal activity especially on holiday weekends when ORVs have ravaged the area.

Wanted Posters — Another Strategy to Stop the Outlaws

When you encounter and can photograph offenders, you can create a "wanted" poster and distribute it throughout town — auto mechanics, bars, gas stations, hardware stores, taxi services, ORV venders and repair shops.

In this case, this individual drove past three "No Trespassing" signs and when Phil Klasky tried to engage in conversation with him, he responded with epithets and threats. As Phil took the his photo, the rider jumped onto his $10,000 quad and tried to run Phil over and slugged him in the process. The rider needs to understand that there are consequences for his actions and that we will not stand by and allow these outlaws to destroy our lands and assault us. We are also working with the Sheriff’s Department to identify the criminal through sales records to make an arrest.

If you have any information regarding this incident contact the Sheriff: (760) 366-4175 and refer to Case# 090060016

You may download a copy of this wanted poster by clicking here so you can print and distribute as many copies as you wish. (Adobe Reader required.)