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Consumer Reports - November 4, 2011 - Increasing number of young people injured on ATVs

Hi-Desert Star - August 20, 2011 - Soapbox: Taxpayers subsidize ORV events on BLM lands

Contra Costa Times - December 31, 2009 - County thinking of repealing off-roading ordinance

The Bakersfield Californian - January 16, 2009 - Property owners take on illegal off-roaders

Responsible Trails America - Momentum Against Reckless ORV Riding Grows From Coast to Coast

USA Today - December 31, 2008 - Off-road vehicle use fuels tension, violence across US

Hi-Desert Star - February 22, 2008 - Code enforcement officer keeps an eye on off-roaders

Renegade ATV drivers said to be main threat to roadless forests

Hi-Desert Star August 24, 2007 - County keeps off-road rules, with condition

SB Sun - 2/19/07 - Off-road obstacles - Residents seek to safeguard property

Letters to the Hi-Desert Star Editor here and here from 1/17/07 responding to an earlier letter which advocated that the city of Twentynine Palms "should consider being pro offroad and support offroad activities".

LA Times - 4/12/-06 - Off-Road Riders Reined In Again

Daily Press - 4/12/06 - County cracks down on illegal off-roaders

Press Enterprise - 4/11/06 - S.B. County prepares to adopt off-road law

LA Times - 3/29/06 - New Rules Rein In Off-Road Riders

The Desert Sun - 3/13/06 - Off-roader laws face hard turn - City may increase its fines, penalties for use of vehicles

Desert Trail - 3/8/06 - Respect your natural areas, preserve your chosen sport!

Hi-Desert Star - 3/6/06 - Off-roaders act like thugs with impunity

Hi-Desert Star - 2/11/06 - Off-road code wins support

Hi-Desert Start Editorial - 2/3/06 - The Hi-Desert Star's View: State thwarts public need by pulling grant

Hi-Desert Star - 2/3/06 - State pulls money for off-roading enforcement

Desert Dispatch - 2/2/06 - State will no longer support off-roading along desert streams

Phil Klasky shares tale of ancient ritual's demise, resurrection

Salt Lake Tribune - 1/14/06 - Enough with the OHV's Already!

14 off-roading groups call for end of OHV commission

San Bernardino County Sun - "Neighbors express off-road rage SB County planners recommend restrictions on riding activity"

Hi-Desert Star 10/16/05 - "Sheriff's station back in running for OHV grant"

UPDATE OHV Agency Approves Funds - Your Action Needed

Voices For The Desert - September/October 2005

NY Times 08/26/05 - "Top Official Urged Change in How Parks Are Managed" and LA Times 08/26/05 - "Controversy Over Plans for Changes in U.S. Parks" - view proposed revisions requires Adobe Reader.

Hi-Desert Star 08/10/05 - "Reader's letter: Proposed off-road law a positive step"

Hi-Desert Star, 07/27/2005 - "Foes: Enforcing ORV code could be impossible"

LA Times 07/26/2005 - A doctor says young ATV riders shouldn't be allowed on public lands

Hi-Desert Star, 07/23/2005, article on draft San Bernardino County ordinance: "County eyes taking on ORVs"

Hi-Desert Star, 07/23/2005, Soapbox opinion by Chris Hutchins: The off-road debate: Signs or solutions?"

Hi-Desert Star, 07/23/2005, Letter to the Editor, Wayne Miller: "OHV fans should patrol themselves"

6/7/2005 - Off-roaders intruding on isolation - County, Apple Valley working on off-road vehicle ordinances to keep riders away from private property

5/16/2005 - Draft San Bernardino County OHV Ordinance Posted

5/16/2005 - Hi-Desert Star - Protests mount against West Mojave Plan

5/6/2005 - Riverside Press Enterprise - Off-road idea hits bumpy stretch

5/8/2005 - LA Times: Two Visions of the Countryside Clash;

Across rural America, angry encounters between landowners and off-roaders get noisier in a fight over dwindling open space

5/3/2005 Environmentalists protest West Mojave Plan

4/16/2005 Hi-Desert Star: "New Mojave plan is blueprint for disaster";

the West Mojave Management Plan would put ORV routes in Basin neighborhoods (Op-Ed by COW member)

4/1/2005  Riverside Press-Enterprise:

"Good news for off-roaders" (BLM lifts 3-month ban on riding in washes)

4/4/2005  Victorville Daily Press:

"Apple Valley off-roading ordinance due by summer"

4/9/2005 Groups seek tougher ATV LawsClick

4/6/2005  Hi-Desert Star:

"Good reason to be angry at ORVers" (Letter to the editor)

03/6/2005 Hi-Desert Star: "The Hi-Desert Star's view: Off-road rift growing deeper" (editorial) Click

3/6/2005 Hi-Desert Star: "Conference seeks to break ORV 'siege'" Click

3/2/2005 Hi-Desert Star: "Writer trivializes ORV problem (Letter to the editor) Click

2/29/2005 Victorville Daily Press: "Supervisors may consider passing new ordinances, beef up enforcement" (The heat is on, thanks to our Desert Communities Under Siege conference!) Click

2/28/2005 Victorville Daily Press: "Off-road alliance favors designated riding areas" (coverage of Joshua Tree conference) Click

2/25/2005 Statement by Howard Wilshire, PhD, former USGS geologist for the February 25, 2005 ORV Conference in Joshua Tree Click

2/27/2005 Hi-Desert Star: "Responsible Citizens Ride Off-Road" (op-ed from Hutchins Motorsports) Click

2/23/2005 Hi-Desert Star: "Grassroots effort to control ORV violations gains ground" Click

2/16/2005 Hi-Desert Star: "Grant will fuel ORV patrol" (Sheriff meets with community about spending State OHV Fund grant) Click

2/9/2005 The Daily Press: "Off-roading kicks up comments at meeting" (Apple Valley Town Council faces crowd) Click

01/17/2005 Victorville Daily Press: "Apple Valley ponders off-roading ordinance" Click

1/5/2005 Los Angeles Times: "Judge Backs Desert Refuse" (ORVs banned from washes) Click

12/26/2004 "It's not just off-roaders' 'rap' noise" by Dan Matrisciano Click

12/11/2004 Hi-Desert Star: "Group Demands End to OHV Use on Public Land" (Route meeting in 29 Palms) Click

11/8/2004 Victorville Daily Press: "Riders put on notice" (Hesperia enforcement) Click

10/9/2004 Hi-Desert Star: "Off-road Solution is total ban" (Letter to the editor) Click

8/29/2004 Hesperia Star: "City cracks down on off-roading" Click

8/24/2004 Hi-Desert Star: "Elect council who'll enforce OHV laws" (Letter to the editor) Click

8/20/2004 Victorville Daily Press: "Illegal off-roaders may face fines up to $1,000 in Hesperia" Click

08/20/2004 Hi-Desert Star: "Off-road park will fight OHV abuse, lessen impact" (Op-Ed) Click

8/6/2004 Hi-Desert Star: "Off-road park idea must be stopped" (Letter to the editor) Click

7/18/2004 Hi-Desert Star: "Firm proposes off-road park to Yucca Valley" Click

7/9/2004 Victorville Daily Press: "New ordinance may put brakes on many off-roaders" (Hesperians pack City Council meeting) Click