Commenting On The WEMO Plan

Why comment? Submitting a comment to the BLM before January 25, 2016, is the most effective action citizens can take on WEMO at this time. The BLM is obligated by law to address properly submitted comments. Although it’s true there’s no guarantee they’ll follow your recommendations, they’ll have to say on record why if they choose not to and may be held accountable in court for that choice.

How do I comment? Submitting a comment can be very simple and take only a moment of your time, or you may choose to craft a more detailed response – it’s up to you. We’ve provided resources to support you, including a sample letter in email format you can just click and send, all the way to forms that help you document issues with a particular route that concerns you. You might want to read the WEMO Overview first to better understand how WEMO might affect you, your neighborhood, and the desert.

Ways to comment, from easy to more effortful, general to detailed:


Bureau of Land Management
California Desert District
WMRNP Plan Amendment

22835 Calle San Juan de Los Lagos

Moreno Valley, California 92553


email at

If possible, please also send a copy to Community ORV Watch at:

PO Box 24
Joshua Tree, CA 92252


email at

Thanks! You just took action to preserve your roads and the quality of life in your neighborhood and the desert. Congratulations! If you want to stay informed on this issue, send your contact information including you e-mail to to join our mailing list.