Report on December 5th WEMO Workshop

On Saturday, December 5th COW hosted a public meeting and workshop on the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) West Mojave Plan (“WEMO”) for the purposes of informing participants of concerns with the current proposal from the BLM, supporting participants in identifying and documenting their concerns about proposed ORV routes in their neighborhoods, and sharing these concerns with the BLM during this open comment period (until January 25, 2016.)

The workshop was well attended (standing room only at some points!) and participants were quite engaged with the speakers.

A few comments from the workshop’s attendees:

  • I am a bit newer to community activism, but I would say that the workshop exceeded my expectations in its civility and warmth in its approach; genuine concern and individual empowerment.
  • The workshop went beyond my expectations and included more information than I imagined! I found it very helpful.
  • The workshop acted as an excellent link between concerned citizens and actions they can take. PS- suggest a larger venue next time.
  • The workshop explained the issue clearly and simply, and offered problem solving suggestions.

The forms for you to document routes have now been posted to the website (see the side column), and for your convenience are shared again here:

  1. WEMO Route Form Orientation – To get you started
  2. WEMO Route Form – Use to actually document routes of concern
  3. BLM Tips and Tricks Document – Helpful in using the route designation maps

Many thanks to those of you who attended the WEMO workshop. Thank you for braving the cold room (Brrr!!) and hanging in there during the workshop. We appreciate your participation and your support in preserving our neighborhoods and natural environment.